Patient Stories

Eva Murray

When you live on an island, you make some tradeoffs. There will be beautiful, idyllic days filled with walks along the waters edge and moments of quiet contemplation. You’ll form nearly unbreakable bonds with the community of other resourceful folks who have chosen the same lifestyle as you. In return, you’ll also endure days of […]

Two Boys, Two Helicopters, Two Happy Endings

Kody Scott (right) and Devon Maxwell have been friends for as long as they can remember. The high school students grew up together in Lee, just east of Lincoln. Like many rural Maine kids, the boys spent much of their childhood fishing for trout and playing baseball. As teenagers, one of their favorite places to […]

A Spring Ride Takes a Turn for the Worse

Craig Bachand has been riding motorcycles since he was in high school. It’s a passion, and one of the few activities that clears his mind and helps him relax. So on an early spring day in April, it was only natural that Craig was out for a ride in southwestern Maine. He was about 10 […]

Brooksville Native Embodies the Meaning of Overcoming Adversity

On a dark and rainy evening in 2006, LifeFlight was placed on standby for a possible scene flight to Brooksville, Maine. Within minutes MedComm officially dispatched the call and the LifeFlight medical crew was off to the rural residential area established by the Brooksville Fire Department as the landing zone – a field usually catering […]

It All Started with Just a Little Cut…

It all started with an innocent cut on the tip of her finger. What followed over the next several months is an incredible story that speaks to both the fragility of life and the tenacity of the human spirit. Sometime the last week of August, Rockland resident Cathy Lake cut the tip of  her finger […]

Massive Trauma, Miraculous Recovery

Snowmobiler Bonnie Sancomb was lying on her back in the snow about 45 feet from the trail.  She had missed a corner, the same corner that snuck up on her the day before, but that wasn’t the worst of it.  Her 500-pound sled had landed directly on top of her chest and abdomen and she […]