Patient Stories

Story of Survival Is One of Collaboration

Arthur Lindgren suffered a massive heart attack one cold January evening on Vinalhaven island. Against all odds, Arthur survived. He survived because his friends and neighbors performed CPR for nearly 10 minutes until island EMS arrived. He survived because the local EMS used an automated external defibrillator (AED) to quickly re-start Arthur’s heart. He survived […]

A Pivotal Moment Leads to a Selfless Decision

With 350 year-round residents on North Haven, it’s not uncommon to feel related to your neighbor – everyone in some way is a part of the family. This feeling of family and togetherness is even more noticeable in a time of need. One late summer day, five teenagers were seriously injured when the car they […]

Lifeflight Donors Make a Real Difference for Newborns

Like most new parents, Olga and Christian Zimmerman were looking forward to days filled with diapers and bottles, and even a few sleepless nights with their brand new baby boy, Alden. Things were going well at home. Although Alden was having a bit of trouble nursing, he was not particularly fussy. At his first well […]