Community Stories

From Scott S. in Wading River, NY

I was hiking with my family and our dogs in Alna, ME when we came to a waterfall. We stopped to take pictures and the next minute I’m lying headfirst on top of a rock. My girlfriend stayed with me while her sister went for help. I don’t remember much but the next thing I […]

From Jaime P. in Rockland

I am very thankful for the Life flight crew. Jeremy Nadeau and his team members showed up when my father-in-law was in a local hospital. He was near death and the doctors that had been working on him were all out of ideas as to how to help him and had told us that there […]

From Lynne M. in Harrison

Father’s Day 1999 my son was en route to his see his Dad. He was hit by a semi ..LF was called son would NOT have survived a road transfer …through the efforts of the first responders, LF and CMMC my son survived ! I now have 4 grandchildren…one just two weeks old !! […]

From Bill S. in Brunswick

As an EMT in Midcoast Maine, my team worked with LF to save the life of a teenager trapped in his car after hitting a tree at high speed. The team effort, the professionalism of LF’s critical care medics and nurses and the superior responsiveness made the difference. Tom Judge and his entire team deserve […]

From Lisa A. in Hollis center

I was out running errands with my dog, Emma and was hit head-on by a sleeping driver. I don’t remember anything after my last errand and woke up three weeks later at Maine Med’s SCU unit. I lost my Emma in the accident and was injured badly and still am recovering and having surgeries from […]

From Bruce S. in Stockton Springs

I know of at least three friends and family members that are with us today due to the swift transport and fine care given after heart issues required critical care at EMMC in Bangor. Thank you for all you do.

From Sean K. in Shropshire

I was skiing in America March 2013, staying in Sunday River. While I was skiing, the pole went into my ribs. I went straight to hospital and on the way I was told I had 3 broken ribs, a punctured lung and my heart wasn’t working properly. I also had problems breathing. I had 7 […]