An Open Letter from Caroline Morong

Most of us have, unfortunately, experienced that feeling of alarm and anxiety in the pit of our stomach when a loved one is sick or injured. Even before we know how serious it is, the more primitive part of our brain has started to creep into our consciousness, threatening to trigger our fight or flight biological responses. We only want our loved one to get the best care as quickly as possible.

This desire for an emergency healthcare system that will be there when we need it is why I support LifeFlight even though my family has never used it.

Over the past 26 years, my family has experienced two traumatic accidents in rural Maine and two children born with life-threatening medical issues. I vividly recall feeling sick with worry and overcome by helplessness. While we were fortunate in many ways that our situations didn’t warrant the use of LifeFlight, I found a new appreciation and understanding of the absolutely critical need for it. We hope we will never need to use it but realized on those occasions that if we ever did need it, we wanted to be certain of its existence.

The helicopters are so important to the mission of LifeFlight, but it is also extremely vital to the survival and recovery of critically ill and injured patients that the aircraft be equipped with the necessary tools and experienced crew members to provide the best care. This is all very costly but without question the right thing to do. After having witnessed traumatic injuries with my own family, I am so grateful that LifeFlight has been there for the more than 16,000 families who have needed that level of care.

I feel such gratitude for those who have worked tirelessly to build a world-renowned air medical system right here in Maine. I appreciate the commitment to ensure everyone in our state has access to the critical care they need, when they need it, and I’m dedicated to continue supporting it.

– Caroline Morong