Donor Stories

An Open Letter from Caroline Morong

Most of us have, unfortunately, experienced that feeling of alarm and anxiety in the pit of our stomach when a loved one is sick or injured. Even before we know how serious it is, the more primitive part of our brain has started to creep into our consciousness, threatening to trigger our fight or flight […]

LifeFlight’s First “Frequent Funder”

A lifelong Mainer and caregiver leads the way with LifeFlight’s first recurring monthly gift. John Elliot has been a caregiver in midcoast Maine for more than 20 years, working in the ever-changing field of emergency medical services. He’s seen patients from the beginning of life to the end, delivering babies in parking lots and comforting […]

Honoring a Husband and Father

A family chooses to honor their husband and father by supporting LifeFlight. Lifelong New Yorker Lisa Jahrsdoerfer remembers many, many summer days spent swimming, fishing and waterskiing with her parents and brother in Belgrade Lakes. In those early days, the family stayed at Bear Spring Camps, a well-known sporting lodge, but they soon developed a […]