Patient Stories

Sugarloaf Ski Instructor Suffers Heart Attack on the Slopes

Rhode Island native Roland Bois and his wife, Maria, have been skiing at Sugarloaf since 1964. Now retired, they take full advantage of Maine’s long winter season, skiing most every day and even working as ski instructors at the mountain. One December morning as Roland headed to the lodge to meet his class of students, […]

Birch Harbor Lobsterman Lives to Fish Another Day

On the coast of Maine, lobstering is a long-standing family tradition. Like loggers in the vast northern forests and potato farmers in Aroostook County, fishermen pass skills, secrets and local knowledge down to sons and daughters, preserving the tried and true practices. This tradition, along with other qualities like a strong work ethic, stewardship of […]

Paul Bonyun’s Woodcutting Accident

Paul Bonyun, 59, has been ribbed about his name for as long as he can remember. He points out that his surname is spelled and pronounced differently (“Bun-yawn”) than that of the mythical giant lumberjack ­­– but these details often fail to suppress the chuckles. Paul doesn’t mind; in fact, he plays along. The license […]

Motorcycle Enthusiast Survives Collision with Moose

“For a split second, I thought I was going to make it by him. But then he turned right into me. I can still remember the smell of his fur.” These were Neil Bryson’s last thoughts before he slammed into a moose while cruising up Route 26 along the Maine/New Hampshire border on his Ducati […]

Climber Experiences the Best of Maine’s Emergency Medical System

Coastal mountains, rocky shoreline, unspoiled rivers, vast expanses of undeveloped forests. Maine is well known for its natural resources and the recreational opportunities they provide. What people might not think about is what happens when things go wrong in these hard-to-reach places. Montana native Neala Fugere found out the hard way after a climbing accident […]