Patient Stories

Local Ems Providers Care for One of Their Own

Bethel EMT Melinda Evans was snowmobiling with friends when she missed a turn and ran headfirst into a tree. The front of her helmet was split into, and her face shield completely shattered. Minutes after the 911 call, local EMS first responders, Melinda’s friends and coworkers, arrived to find one of their own badly hurt […]

Mother of two learns the meaning of community support

Two broken femurs. Broken tibia, humorous and ulna. Liver laceration. Spleen removed. Broken ribs, pelvis, tailbone and shoulder blade. To look at Melanie Lajoie today, walking and playing with her two young sons, it’s hard to believe that just a few short months ago she arrived at Central Maine Medical Center’s emergency room with so […]

“I’ve Lost the Ability to Have a Bad Day”

Ellsworth resident Mark Remick has always felt his life’s mission was to be a public servant. For 20 years, he served his community as a police officer, firefighter and paramedic. He was an active member of the Rotary Club. He enjoyed being a part of the positive aspects of a community. But then something happened […]

Ten-year-old Survives Major Open Heart Surgery

Doctors still don’t know what caused the dangerous swelling in 10-year-old Marissa Tracy’s heart. She woke one morning with chest pains, which is unusual for a child her age, so her mom took her to the emergency department at Redington-Fairview General Hospital in Skowhegan. Physicians there knew something was wrong, but they didn’t have the […]

Canaan Teen Suffers Major Brain Injury after Skateboard Crash

The Shraders were looking for a place to call home. Originally from Massachusetts, they wanted to move to a tight-knit rural community, and Maine was a perfect fit. They settled in Canaan with their seven kids and embraced small town life. “There’s something about Maine. It really becomes a part of who you are,” explains […]

“I’m so Glad No One Gave up on Me”

For as long as she can remember, Lori Wing wanted to be a nurse. She started out as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and worked her way up over the next 30 years. She held jobs in Augusta, New York and California, specializing in everything from geriatrics to pediatrics. So when her doctor told her […]

“Am I Going to Survive This?”

An avid cyclist, Portland resident Liam Somers was in Acadia National Park for a weekend of riding with friends. He was out on his own for a quick training run early one morning, with the sun sitting just above the horizon. He kept his head low to shield his eyes from the glare as he pedaled up […]