LifeFlight’s First “Frequent Funder”

A lifelong Mainer and caregiver leads the way with LifeFlight’s first recurring monthly gift.

John Elliot has been a caregiver in midcoast Maine for more than 20 years, working in the ever-changing field of emergency medical services. He’s seen patients from the beginning of life to the end, delivering babies in parking lots and comforting families of the deceased. He found success as a local business owner in Thomaston, but it was the time he spent helping his friends and neighbors in need that has been the most rewarding.

A few years back, however, it was John’s turn to be cared for.

He was watching baseball playoffs when he had a heart attack. His colleagues on the ambulance service took him to Pen Bay Medical Center where physicians realized he needed treatment at Maine Medical Center in Portland. The call to LifeFlight was made and John received the cardiac care he needed in time.

Now, John believes it’s his turn to give back.

He spends much of his time volunteering for local charities like Meals on Wheels, and he recently became LifeFlight’s first “frequent funder.”

Frequent Funders commit to supporting LifeFlight every month with an automatic payment from their credit or debit card. Giving just a little bit every month adds up quickly, providing an opportunity to make an even bigger impact on the lives of critically ill and injured patients in Maine.

Become a Frequent Funder today by contacting or give us a call at 207-230-7092.

We even have a special thank you gift just for donors who make this monthly commitment.